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If you’re looking for a book you’d like to read or if you have an assignment to fulfill, the library’s trained youth services staff can make an excellent, personal recommendation just for you. Please call or come into the library! You may also find one of the following lists of recommended titles helpful.

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Fake news is no joke. It spreads lies and misinformation, making for an uninformed and confused nation. This guide will help you better understand the phenomenon of fake news, identify why it’s pernicious, and undertake ways to combat fake news.

Having an informed citizenry that can sort facts from falsehoods is vital to a thriving democracy, and we can never talk about it too much. You’ll find that a lot of tips from the articles below are the same ones we teach students doing scholarly research: check the source to see when and where it was published, investigate the author(s) to see their credentials, read other sources to see if others are reporting the same thing.

The research skills we learn in college are the same ones that help us become responsible, informed citizens. This is what lifelong learning looks like. Join us.

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Did your mother call you to tell you that liberals hate science?  Did your Facebook feed pop up with an article on a new pesticide that’s going to kill us all?  Did one of your friends breathlessly tell you that president Donald Trump was going to pardon mass shooter Dylann Roof?  You might have heard any or all of these stories, but there’s one thread connecting all of them: they’re not true.

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